Natural Hoof Care
Wild Horse Hooves
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A Barefoot Horse is a marvel of nature

Outer Hoof Wall
- smooth & straight from the hairline to the ground
- no bulges, ripples, flares etc.
Short toe length:
most wild horse hooves measured less than 3 ¼ inches
- More efficient
- Stronger hoof to horse attachments
- Easier break over
- Less work for the horse
Toe Angle or Angle of Growth
- for most horses, will vary from 50 to 60 degrees
- both toe angle and toe length are important indicators of natural hoof size and proportion
Mustang Roll
- all around the hoof wall’s ground bearing surface, the outer wall turns in a distinct smooth radius – never beveled, squared or dubbed!
Sole – “Solar Dome”
- concave everywhere from the white line of the outer wall inward to the frog – deepest over the forward half of the frog
- a natural hoof’s sole is thick, callous, tough and pain-free
- the back of the frog is worn level with the ground and surrounding heel buttresses
- it has direct, but passive, contact with the ground
- typically flat, dry and leathery
- are worn like one never sees in conventional shoeing
- most would call these “run under” or “sheared”
- however, this is their natural confirmation!