Natural Hoof Care
Wild Horse Hooves
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The Natural Trim based on the Wild Horse Model enables us to bring back the horse’s hooves into their natural form, enhancing the horse’s natural gaits and movement at the same time. The Natural Trim is being successfully applied to domestic horses (donkeys and mules) of all breeds, age groups and disciplines. In combination with natural boarding practices, the natural trim can produce almost perfect hooves. It helps horses to recover from acute and chronic laminitis (founder), navicular problems, contracted heels, wall cracks, brittle or shelly hooves and all manner of lameness to recover and achieve healthy, strong hooves without shoes. Applying the Natural Trim (with properly fitted hoof boots as necessary for the time of adoption) there is no reason to shoe your horse ever again.

This rock crushing hoof (photo above) belongs to barefoot horse, Lulu, after a 3 hour trail ride with lots of gravel and pavement in Annapolis Valley, N.S.